5 places where magnolias bloom beautifully

Pale or deep pink or brilliant white, the thick magnolia blooms sit on the almost leafless sparse branches. And every year in the end of February they amaze us anew: what an explosion of colours! When these trees blossom in such large numbers in Ticino's gardens, it's worth going on a hunt to photograph these messengers of spring. We have spotted a few particularly beautiful specimens here. And where is your favourite magnolia? 

1. Magnolias with a view of Lake Maggiore

Without a doubt, the Gambarogno Botanical Garden is a magnolia paradise. More than 400 varieties of magnolias are in full bloom here. 

2. In Paradiso, the traffic lights glow magnolia rose

The truly spectacular thing about the lakeside promenade in Paradiso is not its proximity to a funicular railway, but the immense magnolia trees that line the main road and make the traffic light stop a feast for the eyes.

3. Blooming Bellinzona

Who can find the magnolia in the Piazza Governo in the capital of Ticino? A little tip, turn north, with your back to the fountain and lift your eyes: Pale pink, in the shade of the castle wall, a wonderful photo motif! 

4. Magnolias in the right place

In Mendrisio, it's easy to do. A whole group of Magnolia grandiflora can be found in the park of Villa Argentina. This stately 19th-century villa is one of the many campuses of the University of the Italian-speaking part of Switzerland. 

5. Magnolias on the lake promenade

From 16 March, the Swissminiatur will open its doors again. But Melide is worth a visit before then. It's worth walking along the lake promenade to the Hotel Riviera in the spring sunshine. You will be rewarded with a magnificent view of the lake and brilliant white magnolia blossoms.

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