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360 steps suspended in the air on a rope bridge

  • 20 June – 14.15
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Carasc bridge links Monte Carasso and Sementina and is the only rope bridge in Ticino. But it’s easy to cross. So, get set, ready, go! Well, the bridge rocks a little and it’s a bit high, but once you get used to its gentle swing, you regret having to get off.

What’s facing you? 360 steps suspended in space. In the distance, you can hear the laughter of a group of kids: they’ve already reached the point where you have yet to arrive. The bridge is solidly anchored to a cement and iron structure. That boosts your confidence and gives you a sense of safety and it leaves no doubts about the seriousness of your endeavour. And yet the bridge seems to be hanging on just two steel ropes. 

The spaces between the larch deck planks leave no room for imagination: your gaze reveals a 130 metre drop down into the gorge. But, for the time being, your feet are solidly planted on the ground. There’s plenty of time. You’ve dedicated your afternoon to exploring the only rope bridge in Ticino. You took the cable car in Monte Carasso to reach Curzútt, where you enjoyed a coffee on the sun-drenched terrace. Then you crossed the old part of the village, where each stone has a story to tell. When you saw the swing in the kids’ playground, you couldn’t resist the temptation and you tried to touch the sky with your toes.

Tibetan bridge, panoramic view on Sementina Valley

Tibetan bridge, panoramic view on Sementina Valley

Curzútt, Tibetan bridge

Curzútt, Tibetan bridge

San Bernardo Church

San Bernardo Church

Curzútt, heart of the village

Curzútt, heart of the village

Your visit to the nearby church of San Barnárd and the enthusiasm with which the lady who looks after it explained the restored frescoes, really engrossed you and distracted you from your plan for the day: to cross the rope bridge. But now you feel ready. 

So, with cautious but determined steps, you now start off. The walkway feels soft under your feet, like a woodland path. This sensation makes you smile and feel bold, so you speed up your pace. You clearly feel the bridge’s strong vibration. Do you like the feeling? You’re not yet sure and, in the meanwhile, you grope for contact with something firm. The handrail is a steel rope. It’s cold but reassuring. It's perfect. So, forward step by step. Don’t take your hands off the handrail; don’t look down; look towards the other side. Step by step. Suspended in the air. It's like walking on the clouds. 


Departure by cableway


To have a coffee under the sun


Visit of the church of San Bernardo


Crossing the tibetan bridge


Walking down to Monte Carasso



Curzútt is easily accessible thanks to the cableway Monte Carasso-Mornera. 
Cableway online booking: tickets.mornera.ch