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Tibetan bridge "Carasc"

The 270 m long Tibetan bridge built by the Foundation Curzútt-S. Barnard allows the passage of the rugged valley that separates the communities of Sementina and Monte Carasso, two towns located in front of Bellinzona. The bridge joins the stone made village of Curzútt to the hiking path of “Via delle Vigne”, allowing you to make excursions in an area characterized by a landscape rich in cultural heritages.

Anchored at a height of 696 m, the bridge rises 130 m above the ground. The walkway, large approximatively one meter, is made of larch wood. Crossing it is a unique experience that represents a true challenge. The safety measures guarantees a risk-free approach and make it a top-attractions either for young intrepid or adventurous families.

The bridge is easily accessible thanks to the cableway Monte Carasso-Curzútt-Mornera. The ancient and picturesque hill town of Curzútt is the ideal starting point to discover this offer or for a gastronomic stop after this thrilling experience.

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  • VENUES Suitable for families