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A downtown stroll, rather than a classic city tour. Two surprising locations, although not at first sight, followed by a cooling dip in the lake, but not at the Lido. Lugano is different.

The panoramic view makes you first want to focus your eyes and then to close them, but just for a moment to take a deep breath. You don’t see a Lido, and not even a beach, and yet you feel the urge to take off your shoes, roll up your trouser legs and run a few metres into the lake, stopping only when the water reaches your knees. You can do it.
Lugano is the essence of contrasts. It is a city, an urban centre, a garden, but also a lake. After a walk in Ciani park, after the footpath with its well-ordered rows of flowers, you come to a wooden walkway.

You have reached the mouth of the Cassarate river, where the vegetation runs riot. What else will Lugano leave in your mind?  

Lugano, Via Cattedrale

Lugano, bell tower of the church Santa Maria degli Angioli

Lugano, courtyard of the ancient Franciscan monastery

Lugano, on the lakefront of Parco Ciani

Lugano, view on the Monte San Salvatore

Via Cattedrale, with its comfortable steps leading you unfailingly to the heart of the city? Or the old-time bookshop in Via Nassa, sheltered under the arcades, between shops with big names? This is Lugano.

Has it surprised you? Yes, the eccentric green marble wing of the LAC can be surprising, but it is rather the “backstage” that remains impressed in your mind: the courtyard of the old convent, after the Santa Maria degli Angioli Church, in Piazza Luini. It is just a lawn with an olive tree in the middle, surrounded by centuries old walls and a surprising silence. Here the atmosphere is truly inspiring.

Alessandro Rezzonico, - Sales & Marketing manager
Alessandro Rezzonico,Sales & Marketing manager
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Coffee in Lugano

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Stroll in Via Cattedrale


Bookstore in Via Nassa


Foto around the LAC

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Sunset on the lakeside

What to put in your backpack

For a perfect city tour, it is advisable to bring sunglasses, a hat and a camera. For a break in the park, you may need a book or headphones to listen to music. In case you feel inspired, it’s always useful to bring a pen and paper.



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