Ticino made from beer

Local ingredients and a lot of passion: craft beers in Ticino.

From Mendrisio to Lugano, from Ascona to Malvaglia passing through Bioggio, Dongio, Gordola, Camorino and many others villages. In Ticino, a brewery comes up around every bend and an evening is too short to taste all the craft beers produced south of the Alps. What is certain is that beer is part of Ticino's history and the drink has been produced here since the 19th century.
A tradition that lives on the territory, therefore, between the Castles of Bellinzona, the lakefront of Ascona, Monte Brè and the historic center of Mendrisio.

Ticino breweries


litres of beer consumed per capita


the raw materials must come from Ticino in order for a beer to be considered local

80 %

first concession for the manufacture of beer in Ticino


Blonde, dark, amber, with chestnut, farina bona or elder flour: in Ticino the world of craft beers is full of surprises and is ready to satisfy all tastes.