Energetic places just around the corner

Waterfalls, forests and even special buildings, have powers that are both relaxing and stimulating.

In some places more than in others you can experience and feel the relaxation of the mind. Artists, philosophers and thinkers have been attracted by the pristine Monte Verità and its particular energy. Hikers say that over 2'000 m above sea level, you arrive in places full of positive energy.

Yoga, Sass da Grüm

Water is the source of life, giving energy and revitalising the spirits. The points where it spills out of the earth are places particularly rich in energy. 

Naturetum, Lucomagno
Laghetto di Salei, Val Onsernone

The beauty of certain landscapes and contact with nature are able to take us away from daily life, giving us an opportunity to take a breath. When walking along cultural trails and through woods, crossing through small villages and over characteristic bridges, we may come across energetic places that fill us with positive charge. 

The Mediterranean sun is a balm for the soul and a joy for the mind. With its bizarrely shaped mountains and its parks that resemble oases of greenery, the atmosphere here is stimulating, relaxing and intrinsically cheerful. In some places, the concentration of geomantic energy is higher than usual and this is why churches and monasteries were built here in the past.

Peace, tranquillity, silence, clean air and plenty of positive energy.

Forest Reserves

Come see the forest reserves, where nature has priority over all other human interests linked to the woodland.


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