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A stone flower above the peaks

  • 25 September – 17.00
  • 21°
  • 1,704 m
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Observe the line where Ticino and Italy meet from an exceptional observatory. Let your gaze wander over the immense horizon and take a step back into prehistory. A sunset on Monte Generoso is something not to be missed.

The scent of the grass, the wind caressing your skin, the warmth of the sun... Right in front of you, so close you can almost touch it, you have the stone Flower (Fiore di Pietra) which blossoms at 1,700 metres of altitude. And there you are, sitting on the grass and hugging your partner, while your dog lies beside you breathing quietly. A truly magical moment and you've earned it.

Starting out from Bellavista, at the beginning of your climb, you were soon swallowed up by the forest, with its beeches and oaks. You then reached the open pastures just one step below the sky. At the summit, you let your gaze wander over the fantastic panorama where the Swiss and Italian Prealps meet and you searched with narrowed eyes for the shimmer of the gold-plated Madonnina statue atop Milan cathedral.

Green, yellow and blue all combine to create a unique picture that has the taste of freedom.

Monte Generoso, panoramic spot

Monte Generoso, panoramic spot

Hiking trails on the Monte Generoso

Hiking trails on the Monte Generoso

Ascent to the top of Monte Generoso

Ascent to the top of Monte Generoso

View on the Fiore di pietra

View on the Fiore di pietra

Fiore di pietra, arrival station of the rack railway

Fiore di pietra, arrival station of the rack railway

From the vastness of the horizon to the cavities in the rock with the mysterious Grotta dell'Orso (bear’s cave). Right here, about 20,000 years ago, lived a huge animal whose skeleton causes a shiver to run down your back! 

And then, off again in the sunlight to reach the Stone Flower, a work of art created by the famous architect Mario Botta. Stupendous outside and fascinating inside. In the Stone Flower, every detail embodies the precision and care in which the Swiss excel. In this true architectural gem, you can sip an aperitif, enjoy the 360​​° view and feel that you are really on the roof of the world.


Departure from Bellavista


Visit of the Fiore di pietra




Climbing to the summit of Monte Generoso


Return by train

What to put in your backpack

For your unforgettable walk on the Mendrisiotto peaks, don’t forget to bring a spare shirt, a rain cape (you never know...), sun glasses and cream. And leave room for a full bottle of water or tea and something to munch on to recoup energy. Lastly, bring a spyglass to extend your horizons.



Panorama for everyone! The Monte Generoso railway, the restaurant and the approx. 500 m asphalted walk at the Vetta station are wheelchair-accessible. 


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Tourist attraction Fiore di pietra
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