Alpine Circle

An unforgettable road trip to the southern lands

Alpine Circle

Alpine Circle is a road trip starting from the canton of Graubünden through the Swiss Alps, peppered with many tourist attractions that can be reached by car, train and cable car. One of the routes leads to the sunniest canton in Switzerland: Ticino.



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Points of interest


Ticino highlights along the route of the ruta cumpleta

From the Graubünden Alps there is an amazing connection to Ticino: the renowned Gotthard Pass. From there, the scenic Tremola, the winding road, takes you up to the Fortress of Bellinzona and beyond, from the colourful squares to the magnificent bodies of water of Lake Maggiore and Lake Lugano.

Nearby sights

During your trip, take a look around, you can make other great discoveries in Ticino's main cities ! Moreover, Ticino and its regions are now much closer thanks to The Ceneri base tunnel, train travel times between Mendrisio, Bellinzona, Lugano and Locarno are shorter.