Ticino is now even closer thanks to the Ceneri Base Tunnel

Truly high spirits are now even closer

Ticino offers visitors countless unforgettable moments, and now that the Ceneri Base Tunnel has opened, it is even easier to get there in order to explore its unique and varied landscape.
It takes less time to transport yourself to Switzerland’s Mediterranean region, where the mild summer breeze awaits you. Enjoy a boat trip around the lake, try out local delicacies or explore the region from your bike.

A tempting offer

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Even more #ticinomoments to experience

Every town and region of Ticino has something unique to offer. Take this opportunity to enjoy the beauties in store across the canton, and move from one destination to the next in the blink of an eye.
Picture yourself strolling through the center of Lugano at 2.05 p.m. and being able to have an espresso in Locarno after thirty minutes: all this is now possible.
Plus, when you stay at a hotel, hostel or campsite, thanks to Ticino Ticket you have the possibility to use for free public transport and to get discounts on mountain railways, boat trips on the Swiss part of the lakes and on the main tourist attractions of Ticino.

Ever since the Ceneri Base Tunnel opened, it’s around 15–25 minutes quicker to travel to Ticino by train from Switzerland’s main cities.
Journey times between Bellinzona, Locarno, Lugano and Mendrisio have also been cut.
What are you waiting for? Hop aboard!

15-25 minutes quicker by train from Switzerland’s major cities

to reach Ticino

Quicker journeys

within Ticino

The most scenic way to get from north to south

You can now travel directly from Basel and Lucerne or from Zurich to Bellinzona via the scenic St Gotthard stretch. Furthermore, from 5 April 2021, the Treno Gottardo travels directly to Locarno.
Another unique experience is the Gotthard Panorama Express: this vintage journey through Switzerland not only gives you views of some of Switzerland's most beautiful regions, you also experience plenty of highlights on the ship and in the train.
Find out more about these opportunities to travel in comfort while admiring the colours of our beautiful region.


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