Ticino is now even closer thanks to the Ceneri Base Tunnel

Travel the world by train

Ticino offers visitors countless unforgettable moments, and now that the Ceneri Base Tunnel has opened, it is even easier to get there in order to explore its unique and varied landscape.
Have you ever dreamed of travelling through the Napa Valley and the Scottish Highlands, perhaps stopping off briefly in Rio before treating yourself to a trip on the Orient Express? You can experience all these #ticinomoments, and more, without leaving the canton.

Even closer

As of 13 December 2020, it takes around 15-25 minutes less to reach Ticino by train from Switzerland’s major cities.
And travel times between Bellinzona, Locarno, Lugano and Mendrisio have been reduced too.
What are you waiting for? Jump on board!

15-25 minutes quicker by train from Switzerland’s major cities

to reach Ticino

Quicker journeys

within Ticino

A tempting offer

Enjoy a fixed-price deal for 2 nights included one dinner (until the end of March).
Get inspired for your next holiday.

Fixed-price deals

Discover more about fixed-price deals for 2 nights, including dinner in a hotel, from just CHF 179 per person.


Less time to get there, more #ticinomoments to enjoy

Every town and region of Ticino has something unique to offer, even in winter. Take this opportunity to enjoy the delights in store across the canton, and move from one destination to the next in the blink of an eye. Plus when you stay at a hotel, hostel or campsite, thanks to Ticino Ticket you have the possibility to use for free public transport and to get discounts on mountain railways, boat trips on the Swiss part of the lakes and on the main tourist attractions of Ticino.

Clean & Safe

The country’s tourism service providers are taking special measures to protect their guests, ensuring they enjoy their stay.

The most scenic way to get from north to south

You can now travel directly from Basel and Lucerne or Zurich to Bellinzona on the panoramic Gotthard route. And from 5 April 2021, the Treno Gottardo will travel directly to Locarno too.
The perfect opportunity to travel in comfort while admiring the beautiful colours of Switzerland.

A mouth-watering destination

Don’t miss out on the taste sensations that Ticino can provide with the GastroTi Pass.
Enjoy cuisine ranging from traditional grottos to gourmet restaurants. The voucher is valid until the end of March.

Pack your suitcase!

You can now combine convenience with caring for the environment. When you travel to Ticino by train, your luggage will be transported free of charge from your home to the hotel until March 2021.


Ideas for a unique experience in Ticino.