5 Ticinese gifts

Every year, some of us seem to find ourselves running out of time and having to find the perfect gift at the very last moment. It should also be original, sustainable and reasonably priced, look great and not be a candidate for the new year’s unwanted gift swap. Here are 5 ideas for gifts that will have the lucky recipient either looking forward to the next holiday or starting to believe once more in Father Christmas.

1. A Poster Not to Forget

Vintage Ticino posters are a unique and original gift to preserve the memory of a beloved place, even when you have returned home.

2. Give an experience

As Christmas approaches, large towns and small villages teem with stalls, music, lights and scents. With a wide selection of zero-kilometre products, Christmas markets offer a unique experience to buy local treasures that convey the authenticity of Ticino tradition.

3. For quality lovers

Honey, olive oil and panettone, all strictly from Ticino, are indispensable Christmas gifts this year. These regional delicacies will make a splash under the tree!

4. Choosing Ticino wine tourism

A perfect gift for those who love wine, local products and the territory. Choose from the many activities offered by Ticino wine producers and purchase your wine tourism experience directly online at Swiss Wine Tour 

5. Shopping for all tastes

Is the rush for presents continuing? Don't worry. Whether you are a lover of unbridled shopping in department stores or a fan of small artisanal boutiques, you will always find the last-minute purchase you are looking for in Ticino.

Live Christmas in Ticino