5 Ticinese gifts

Every year, some of us seem to find ourselves running out of time and having to find the perfect gift at the very last moment. It should also be original, sustainable and reasonably priced, look great and not be a candidate for the new year’s unwanted gift swap. Here are five ideas for gifts that will have the lucky recipient either looking forward to the next holiday or starting to believe once more in Father Christmas.

1. On the slopes with style

One activity not to be missed in winter is skiing. To keep your loved ones (and why not, even yourself) warm, this multi-purpose band is ideal. It has been produced by recycling PET bottles and is also very stylish: it will be the finishing touch for a cool look.

Multifunctional tubular

It can be used everywhere and for everything, for sports, leisure, on the beach, in the mountains, in the summer and in the winter.


2. Now these tears are something we do want to see

A slightly stronger wine is just the thing for very special occasions. The more ‘tears’ that appear when swirling your glass, the stronger the wine. For the meals in the Casa del vino Ticino wines of nearly all the producers of the region can be served. It’s practically impossible not to meet the taste with a gift voucher.

3. The wondrous joys of nature

come together to bring you an immune-boosting Christmas or advent gift. In the winter period, our immune systems need that extra sugary support. A pot of typical Ticinese chestnut honey with its dark-brown colour and herbal touch is a treasure chest of proteins, vitamins and minerals.

4. You can never go wrong with a little luxury

A Spa voucher is always better as a pair: one for you and one for me.

5. The first Gin with the aroma of Ticino

Unwrapping this wonderful gift brought to you by the four friends behind the Bisbino gin label, you’ll find either a bottle of crystal-clear Ticinese gin or amaro liqueur containing herbs from the Muggio Valley. Both are utterly delicious and unique to the region.

Live Christmas in Ticino