Winter is no limit

It's snowing outside and you don't know what to do? Do you mind hibernating your bike, but you don't want to use it in the snow, between cold and short days?
In Ticino winter has no limit and offers many possibilities for cycling lovers. Ticino awaits you!

In Ticino the snow rarely reaches the valley floor and for a few days a year. The further away from the Alps, the more paths are accessible and can be covered by mountain bike, without ever forgetting respect for hikers and private property.
Here are some itineraries that can be covered (almost) all year round breathing fresh air and quietness. Remember, however, that it is always better to check the weather and the condition of the trails/paths before starting to ride.

Need help from experts?

Cycling with friends is even better and to reach the most beautiful places you can sometimes need the help of experts. 
Here are some guides and some reasons to start discovering Ticino's trails, among lake, chestnut trees and camellias.

Valcolla, Lugano Region

Cycling? Of course! But why not also take a break and visit a spa? Enjoy a good meal and all what Ticino has to offer.

One roof and two wheels

In Ticino there are over 30 bike friendly structures ready to welcome those who love two wheels. Hotels, campsites, huts, bnb: there is something for everyone.



Come to Ticino to taste our excellent wines and food specialties both in local taverns and elegant restaurants. Explore the taste of the Italian Switzerland!


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