5 shooting stars

Welcome to Ticino, a charming destination in August! This month is characterised by the the phenomenon of perseid meteor shower, which offer a breathtaking spectacle around the night of San Lorenzo. Here, far away from the city lights, you can admire many of these sparkling shooting stars, also called 'tears of St. Laurentius'. Ticino celebrates this phenomenon with various events and stargazers will find paradise here. Experience the magic of shooting stars and immerse yourself in an unforgettable summer night in Ticino!

1. Pic-nic among the olive trees

In Rovio, the Garden of Biodiversity offers the chance to be in touch with nature while tasting typical products. The magic happens at sunset when the sky comes alive with luminescent dots to admire.

2. Two steps under the stars

Far from the lights of the city and in the silence of the night, the stars give the right path for the hike over the peaks from Indemini to Monte Lema. Wide-open landscapes at night for a special experience.

3. A glance at the sky

At 1800m lies the Capanna Gorda from where it is possible to observe the stars on 4 special evenings through a telescope. The evening will be accompanied by expert Francesco Fumagalli, who will illustrate the characteristics of the stars and planets.

4. one...two...three...STAR!

The stars are magical for children, but so is observing them all together with the family from an enchanted field, listening to stories by candlelight. At San Grato Park all this is possible, all you need is a torch, pullover and blanket!

5. Did you know that...

…is the sun a star too? On Monte Lema, night gives space to the first light of morning. Tepid rays illuminate the face and an inner peace irradiates the body. The sunrise of a new day includes a guided tour of the observatory and a small breakfast at the restaurant.

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