Image 0 - Pic-nic among the olive trees
Image 1 - Pic-nic among the olive trees
Image 2 - Pic-nic among the olive trees
Image 3 - Pic-nic among the olive trees

Pic-nic among the olive trees

Starting in May 2023, the Azienda Agricola Bianchi in Arogno has decided to organise food and wine events with the aim of bringing its guests closer to green spaces and nature.

The events will take place directly in the Garden of Biodiversity, within a natural setting of small natural plots outlined by olive trees.

Guests will receive a basket composed of local gastronomic proposals, as organic as possible and in collaboration with local restaurateurs and partners. They can then enjoy their aperitif, dinner or brunch comfortably seated, or lying down, directly in the garden.

The events will take place almost entirely without the use of electricity, using recycled materials and supporting local products and producers.

Pic-Nics will be held, in part, in conjunction with the lunar calendar to ensure an even more special experience for guests.

Next dates:

  • 22.07: Aperitif Edition. (CHF 32.- p.p.). From 6.00 p.m.
  • 10.08: Dinner + shooting stars edition on the night of San Lorenzo. Don't miss the chance to enjoy dinner under the stars. (CHF 48. p.p). From 7 pm
  • 17.08: Aperitif Edition. (CHF 32. p.p.) From 18.00
  • 31.08.: Dinner + Supermoon Edition. Admire the supermoon directly in our Biodiversity Garden. (CHF 48. p.p.). From 7 p.m.

Included in your booking is a mystery box created and assembled by Grotto Grassi in Tremona, a glass of Sambì or Olivone herbal tea, and a picnic set up.

It is possible to request a vegetarian version!

The event takes place only in good weather and can be cancelled up to 2 days beforehand. Access is only possible by reservation and requests close 2 days before the event. You may cancel your reservation up to 48 hours before the event. 

Contact us to reserve your space! 


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