5 most social lidos in Ticino

Discover the coolest and most social lidos of Ticino. Oasis of relaxation but not only. Experience the coolest and most in holiday of the moment and ride the wave of the most popular social. The lidos of Ticino offer unforgettable moments. #letsgotothelido #ticinomoments

1. Best of Instagram

With over 3,300 followers, Lugano's Lido San Domenico wins first place on the podium. An oasis of relaxation with style. A great buvette accompanies the days with lots of food and good music. The ideal place to focus on strategies for your social account. Let yourself be influenced!

2. Lido di Agno

In second place is the Lido Agno, which with over 3,100 followers exceeds all expectations. This avant-garde oasis of relaxation offers its guests everything from SUP to Latin nights and much more. Choose the perfect place for your shots, all at #lidodiagno!

3. #LidoLocarno

Mr. Lido Locarno is the first to stand out in the Locarno area. With more than 2,200 followers this corner of paradise offers many activities for both adults and children. Floating entertainment, trampolines, indoor and outdoor pools, spa and much more for a fun and relaxing day.

4. Ascona, 1,600 followers and summer good vibes

A hashtag, a lido and tausend emotions. At the Ascona Lido you can fell like a real vip in full relaxation. Use the hashtag #lidoascona to be shared and make everyone jealous in the most exclusive location of the area.

5. Waikiki online

Want some fresh air and fun? The Lido Bissone then is for you. Parties and lots of fun, but also relax. At Waikiki you will find the activity that suits you whether you are young or best ages. Relaxing days and unforgettable evenings. What more could you want? Let yourself photographed at one of the coolest parties in Lugano.

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