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Castagno Bike

Discover the beauty of the verdant Alto Malcantone in the vicinity of Lugano. The vast chestnut forests are particularly memorable.

The Castagno Bike route leads to the northern part of Malcantone, known as Alto Malcantone. It passes through villages, meadows, chestnut groves and birch forests, with many streams along the way.

The small ponds of Alpe Agra are an important spawning ground for amphibians and also provide valuable habitats for other species. Between Arosio and Breno, signs on the «Sentiero del Castagno» provide information about the chestnut forest and how the wood and chestnuts are processed.

There are also traces of human artefacts to discover; on the banks of the Magliasina river in Maglio di Aranno, for example, you can see how water power was used for a hammer mill. The waterfall and the beauty of the surrounding environment will leave a lasting memory of this bike tour. On the way to Ponte di Vello (Breno), the route follows the «Sentiero delle Meraviglie», which shows other traces of the region's industrious past including mines, kilns and old walls.


For mountain biking, follow the logo indicated on the red signposts:
Castagno Bike
no. 355

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