5 benches that overlook the world

Simply sit back and let the world revolve. Do not post a photo, do not take a selfie, do not point your finger at the snowy peak in the distance. Turn on your 5 senses and inhale the scenery in front of your eyes. We all have a favorite bench, don't we? However, we don't visit them often enough, when the great thing is to be able to go back there. Here are 5 benches in Ticino that could become your favorite:

1. A bench on the UNESCO

That’s impressive. But what, exactly? That from Monte San Giorgio you can see all the ends of Lake Lugano? Or that this mountain was at the bottom of the sea 240 million years ago?

2. St. Michael, thank you!

Thank you for putting a bench in one of the most suggestive places on Lake Lugano. Sun all day long. If the golden sphere were now to sink into the lake instead of behind the mountains, it would be almost exaggerated. The sunset seen from the San Michele public park of Lugano is beautiful as it is.

3. Memories of an abandoned bench

The ancient settlement above Bellinzona disappeared between 1630 and 1640. The reason why is not known. A few walls, houses in ruins, a beam here and there, not much remains. This bench really has been keeping a secret for more than 300 years.

4. A bench made for Gulliver's travels

If Gulliver had known that, despite its size, he could sit comfortably and enjoy the view of Lake Maggiore, his travels would certainly have taken him to Locarno. From this gigantic bench you can observe the landscape, also in an easterly direction, towards Bellinzona and Val Morobbia.

5. The lake lies at the feet of this bench

The perfect moment is probably May if you want to walk under the blooming laburnum. But anyway, the path to the Capanna Al Legn is beautiful to walk every month. And after this bench, we are almost there.

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