Story: From Brazil to Lugano

Brazilian rhythms at the foot of the Pão de Açúcar

From a tropical to a Mediterranean climate.

Art, music, entertainment, and culture are just a few of the characteristics that these two vibrant destinations have in common. 12 years ago, Ticino welcomed Nana while leaving room for memories of one of the most famous South American countries.


Nana, mother and nature lover.

Nana, mother and nature lover.
I love swimming in the lake and walking along the lakeside promenade.

Every so often, a bit of nostalgia catches Nana off guard. As she would put it: “a bit of saudade”, a feeling of nostalgia and desire for a beloved and now distant homeland. But it doesn't take much to make her feel at home: a walk along Lugano's lakeside promenade, a dive into the lake in the shade of Pão de Açúcar (Sugarloaf Mountain).


Nana enjoys the view between a football match with her children and a reading in the park. In the background a Brazilian atmosphere... it's time for samba!


A moment of pleasant folly that has taken her back to the street parties of her homeland, making her feel closer to home.


What if he has visitors? "Then I'll show what we don't have in Brazil."
Vallemaggia with its waterfalls, rivers and grotti is therefore the perfect destination. The Bavona Valley with a stop in Foroglio and the Lavizzara Valley with the Grotto Pozzasc are Nana's favourite places.

Sometimes, saudade catches me off guard.
Lugano Region
Pro tip
At 912 meters high, Monte San Salvatore overlooks the city. The Pão de Açúcar in Rio de Janeiro, on the other hand, is lower at 396 meters.
Since 1999, Ticino's own Sugarloaf Mountain has been home to the San Salvatore Museum, where you can visit exhibitions related to the history and structure of the mountain.
A view of Monte Brè or Monte Cristo? In Ticino, the San Salvatore faces Monte Brè, while in Brazil, the Pão de Açúcar faces Monte Cristo.