I’m a big boy dad. I can sledge down on my own

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When seen through a child’s eyes, Monte Tamaro is a giant. A friendly giant. Massively tall and packed with surprises. The adventure begins by climbing into a colourful bubble that takes you up to the mountain top.

Simply getting out into the countryside and having fun with mum and dad is an exciting occasion for children. The colourful little cabin cars look like spaceships to your children as they make their way slowly past you. When your turn comes, all four of you get in together.

Your son is wide-eyed as he looks out of the window and sees your parked car getting smaller and smaller in the distance. Being the good big brother that he is, he points it out to his little sister too.  

This is a day packed with fun. When you reach the top and get off at the Alpe Foppa, you see the sky reflected in the little lake surrounded by friendly cows. Your children have no doubt about it: this is wonderland! And they haven’t even seen the toboggan run yet, the play park with the huge slide and the zip line that takes dad’s breath away. Everything is designed around children here at the Alpe Foppa, so make sure you come with plenty of energy for running around and having fun. 

That’s enough for today: an ice cream, another panoramic photo of the whole family and then back down the mountain. The adventure park and water slides at the Splash & Spa can wait for another day.  

Susanne Bigler Gloor,  - trekking with animals
Susanne Bigler Gloor, trekking with animals
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