An authentic souvenir made with your own hands

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Ceramics in Ticino have come a long way from the humble tazzin for Merlot! Today, thanks to the local artisans, this symbol has evolved and diversified in shapes and colours.

When the piece of clay takes shape under your hands on the potter’s wheel, a wonderful sense of satisfaction pervades you and, at a certain point, you sense that you have achieved the desired shape. Yes, that’s exactly what I want. 

Ceramics is an art with deep roots in Ticino and the Malcantone is known for its craftsmen. So, why not enjoy the experience of creating with your own hands a souvenir to take home with you? And why not start with a tazzin of Ticino?

On entering a local workshop, you will be captivated by the artist’s imagination and creativity, which often includes a dash of craziness. Each ceramic artist uses truly unique techniques and styles.

Nerocco, shaping clay on the potter's wheel

Nerocco, shaping clay on the potter's wheel

Today, you can start by creating something very simple, like a tazzin for Merlot, and tomorrow, who knows, you might move on to something more complex, like porcelain. To decorate your creation, you can use many different methods, like old-fashioned moulds, delicate glazes or brightly coloured paintings. 

Ceramic firing time is always a surprise, as the final result is always unpredictable. In the firing oven, everything can change, from size to colour.  But what emerges in the end is, in every case, a unique piece, your own creation, your own piece of Ticino to take home with you. 

What to put in your backpack

A tazzin does not simply appear out of nothing: its creation requires fresh clay, moulds of various kinds and tools for shaping, drilling and engraving, not to mention an apron, a knife and an iron brush. 



For those interested, ceramic courses are organized by many atelier of the region.


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