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Novaggio lays on the promontory that separates the basin of the Lisora river from the one of the Magliasina river. Its geographical position makes it one of the most beautiful villages of the Malcantone region. It faces the lake Lugano, the little lake of Ponte Tresa and the valley of the Magliasina up till Arosio.

Novaggio, not by chance, has a consolidated tourist tradition: its guests prefer the naturalistic and the calmness aspects, in a sequence of pleasant and sunny areas as the enchanting Alpe Paz among verdant lawns and woody stains in which an idyllic quiet exhales, or completing brief and restful excursions to the source of Armida, to the source Corné, to the “Pissarottino”, in the Wild valley, while others actually push themselves to the Mount Lema' top where there is a stunning view of the region. Mainly there are confederates visitors in Novaggio and its surrounding area during the weekends and in the summer season, without neglecting that the secondary houses represent a consistent percentage in the context of the local buildings, for which in the beautiful season the population almost duplicate passing from 800 up to 1’200 resident.

A great point of interest is surely the outdoor “Murales” of NovaggioArte, in fact simply strolling around the narrow lanes of the village you can admire the several paintings on the houses’s walls. Novaggio is also point of start for the famous path of marvels.