Virtual Ticino

Beyond the classic holiday

Ticino is Lake Maggiore and Lake Lugano, Monte Tamaro and Monte Generoso, lake Ritom and the Brissago Islands, the Castles of Bellinzona and Piazza Grande in Locarno.

Holidays in Ticino are real and you can touch, taste and live!
To go further, however, why not try the virtual reality and discover the territory?

South of the Alps, wearing special glasses, you can take a step back in time discovering the history of some places full of charm and curiosity. To begin with, let's go to the fortified village of Tremona...

A night at the museum? Why not! Thanks to the fusion of physical reality and the digital world, it is also possible to visit some of the local museums at any time.

The virtual Ticino has everything you need, even in gastronomy! Visit the Bottega Rapelli or the refining cellars of Prosciutto Crudo Piora. Mouth watering is guaranteed!

Virtual Ticino is more than just that!

Games and experiences in groups, alone or with the whole family. What if there was a hidden treasure? Be catapulted into a whole new world and solve mysteries. 

Still wanting digital?