Ticino 360°

Ticino all-round

Thanks to new technologies you can travel in many ways. You can daydream, read stories, look at photos, simply use your imagination to explore a place or go there virtually. Some museums and churches in Ticino can also be visited from a distance. We invite you to enter on the tip of your toes, or rather the mouse, and choose from home what you would like to see live.

Do you have a bucket list? Have you always dreamed of diving off a mountain? Or are you more of a lonely fishing day guy? Or do you want to surf the perfect wave? If you don't know it yet, these 360-degree videos can help you better understand what the first activity to do on your next visit to Ticino will be.

Sometimes you can't travel. For various reasons, be it for lack of time, holidays not granted or bad weather. Before we can feel the wind on our skin, enjoy the views, feel the ground under our hiking boots and listen to the chirping of nature, we let our eyes travel. Instead of sticks, grab your mouse and start with street view on these paths in Ticino. Who can find the most panoramic point?

Strolling around Ticino while sitting comfortably on the sofa is possible thanks to Ticino Turismo which has created a virtual reality to be discovered!

Still wanting digital?