Ice rinks in Ticino

And what ice are you on?

What would winter be like without snow, Christmas markets, gifts, the smell of biscuits and especially ice rinks?
In Ticino there are many, from those that liven up the city centres waiting for Christmas, to those where future champions of hockey and ice skating train. Or simply, where children want to have fun sliding on ice.

Melide ICE on the lake

Would your son like to play hockey and feel like an NHL champion?
Want to see your kids dance and have fun on ice? 
Here are four tracks accessible to everyone: young and old, future champions and amateurs.

In Ticino there is no shortage of sports centres where future champions are training. In Ascona or Bellinzona, figure skating charms and fascinates and anyone can get on the ice to emulate the champions.

Events, family ice rinks, but also high-level hockey.
In Ticino there are two league A teams and hockey is part of the canton's DNA. Attending a match of a team from Ticino is an experience to be tried at least once in your life: watching the NHL champions hurtle on the ice accompanied by the choirs of the fans will make you goose bumps.