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Mendrisio - Muggio Valley - Mendrisio

This itinerary will plunge you deep into Switzerland’s most beautiful landscapes. From the magnificent old town of Mendrisio, set off on a journey through a welcoming region steeped in history, discovering the traditions and flavours of southern Ticino.

Enjoy a landscape full of contrast enclosed within a few kilometers. Enjoy an unforgettable tour.

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  • Itinerary Mendrisio – Castel San Pietro – Casima – Cabbio – Morbio Superiore – Morbio Inferiore – Balerna – Coldrerio – Mendrisio
  • Distance Mendrisio - Cabbio: 10km ► Cabbio - Morbio Superiore: 8km
    Morbio Superiore - Balerna: 4km ► Balerna - Mendrisio: 4km
    Total distance = 26 km
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