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Locarno - Verzasca Valley - Maggia Valley- Ascona

More than 200 km of winding roads through magical landscapes of rare beauty. In Verzasca Valley, the emerald waters of the river are an invitation to have a refreshing swim nearby the Ponte dei Salti bridge, whereas the magic Maggia Valley beckons you to enter the typical grottos for a taste of the traditional specialities.

Enjoy a landscape full of contrast enclosed within a few kilometers. Enjoy an unforgettable tour.

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  • Itinerary Locarno - Vogorno - Sonogno - Ponte Brolla - Maggia - Cevio - Cerentino - Bosco Gurin - Cavergno - Foroglio - San Carlo - Bignasco - Fusio - Ascona
  • Distance Locarno - Sonogno: 32km ► Sonogno - Cevio: 56km
    Cevio - Bosco Gurin: 19km ► Bosco Gurin - Cavergno: 20km
    Cavergno - San Carlo: 11km ► San Carlo - Bignasco: 12km
    Bignasco - Fusio: 17km ► Fusio - Ascona: 45km
    Total distance = 212 km
  • Alternatives Corippo: the crossroad to Corippo is located at 2.2 km from Vogorno. The small village lies at about 1 km from the crossroad.

    Cimalmotto: Campo Vallemaggia is located at 3.2 km from Cerentino. Cimalmotto is 3.1 km further up the valley.

    Brontallo: the crossroad to Brontallo is at 3.2 km from Bignasco. The characteristic village lies at about 1 km from the crossroad.

    Sambuco – Naret: The alpine lakes of Sambuco (rest stop) is located at 5 km from Fusio, and the Naret lake lies at 14.2 km (altitude difference 1000 m) from Fusio.
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