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Valmaggia Museum


Man and nature in a southern alpine valley
The Maggia Valley Museum situated in Cevio and inaugurated in 1963 is active in safeguarding and evaluating the cultural heritage of the region. The two exhibition sites are inserted in a nucleus of great interest and value, architecturally and scenically.

The two Museum buildings are located in the old part of Cevio. This area is made up of Borghese houses constructed beginning in 1500 by the Franzoni family - who for two centuries were, along with the Swiss governor, in very important political and economic positions.

The Maggia Valley Museum is an indispensable source for those who wish to visit and understand this valley. Here one can learn about the rich natural environment and the astonishing historical evidence left by the people of this region, demonstrating their ingenuity in living their daily lives.

Palazzo Franzoni , principal seat of the Museum
This solemn building from the 17th century was renovated in 2002. It houses various permanent exhibits that show man and the land where he lived.
They illustrate the natural richness of the valley dominated by rocks and river as well as develop specific themes such as history, religion, woman, the cycle of life, stock breeding , and soap stone. Outside the palazzo a grand archway leads into the large courtyard and a spacious niche once used for bee keeping. Here you will find a gigantic wine press, the type used in Piemonte and one of the biggest of its kind still seen in Canton Ticino.
From the ground floor of the principal building you can go through a passage to an extraordinary underground ambience constituting a cellar and a grotto used in the old days to conserve and transform produce. An enormous boulder of about 10’000 meters raises above and covers these two underground hollows.

The teaching path "Cevio and its grottoes" - An open Air Museum
A path has been restored behind the two museum buildings. Over 60 grottoes can be seen, which have been dug between boulders that had come from a huge landslide. It is a world dominated by seemingly unproductive stone which people knew how to adapt to and function within.

Opening hours: 1st April - 31st October
every day from 13.30h to 17.00h - Monday closed

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