Image 0 - Village of Brontallo
Image 1 - Village of Brontallo
Image 2 - Village of Brontallo

Village of Brontallo

The first village in the Val Lavizzara, Brontallo is located on a rocky terrace; the houses that almost cling to the slope are arranged in steps. The stables and barns are grouped together on one side, towards the valley to the west, and form a picturesque architectural complex unique throughout the Vallemaggia. The 17th-century church stands on the edge of the village to the north. To reach the opposite side of the valley, you have to cross the old Merla bridge at the bottom of the gorge.

Modern Brontallo is a village with an authentic feel and plenty of sights. Its high quality agriturismo facilities – perfectly integrated into the culture and landscape – and interesting nature-based activities make Brontallo the ideal destination for an unforgettable stay marked by tranquillity and rediscovering traditions. In particular, the agritourism of Scinghiöra and Curt du Munt, at 1,150 metres above sea level, offer a unique opportunity for an unforgettable stay surrounded by a breathtaking landscape without the need to give up modern comforts.