5 markets in Ticino

Buying products from small producers, from local craftsmen and women, or from farmers of neighbouring land is always synonymous with sustainability and links with the area. Even today, discovering all the things the region can offer remains something that everyone can enjoy. That’s why the markets in Ticino are not to be missed! Discover 5 markets in Ticino that are particularly worth a visit.

1. The colours and scents of the Piazza Grande

You’ll find everything from culinary specialities, typical products, clothes and craft items made by hand locally to second-hand goods. Come and soak up the atmosphere at the market in Locarno! Each Wednesday and Thursday, the Piazza Grande is bursting with colours and scents to suit every taste.

2. Colourful stands in Bellinzona

What better than a chance to buy high-quality, seasonal products at affordable prices?
It’s possible every Saturday morning in the historical centre of Bellinzona. And not only that! After your visit to the market, treat yourself to the special market menu available at lunchtime in various establishments in the area.

3. The 0 km market

The possibility to buy typical food items directly from small farmers in the region makes this market particularly attractive to gourmet lovers. Every Tuesday and Friday, the stands in the centre of Lugano are the place to be for 0 km freshness.

4. A charming little village

Mendrisio market exudes a warm, countryside atmosphere each Wednesday. Wander along the village streets and admire the authenticity of Ticino, with everything from locally produced fruit and honey to handicrafts and second-hand clothes. You definitely won’t go home empty handed!

5. A lakefront waiting to be discovered

Against the magnificent backdrop of Ascona, each Tuesday you can browse the multiple and varied market stands in search of that special object you haven’t managed to find yet. As you stroll through the market, you will come across good food, local handicrafts and hand-made accessories.

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