The market of Lugano

Piazzale Ex Scuole, 6900 Lugano, +41 58 866 66 00

The Lugano market offers the typical food products of small farmers that sell their goods directly. The market takes place in the city centre, piazzale Ex Scuole, and may be reached with any means of public transportation.

The Lugano farmers’ market is a wonderful place to scour for local product, flowers, eggs, cheese, cold cuts and preserves. The market is open on the streets in the city cent...

TYPICAL PRODUCTS Cheese, Cold cuts, Specialties, Wine
SHOPPING Ticino markets
ACCESSIBILITY Wheelchair accessible
Piazzale Ex Scuole, 6900 Lugano
Tel.: +41 58 866 66 00
Fax: +41 58 866 66 09
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