5 waterfalls to contemplate

There is nothing more regenerating than closing your eyes, feeling the breeze and the sound of a waterfall in the midst of nature. Ticino is a land of water and there are many corners where you can admire these wonders. Here are 5 waterfalls you absolutely must visit:

1. Foroglio waterfall, Bavona Valley

Nature, water and sunshine are the features that make up Ticino. In the Bavona Valley, water is the main element thanks to the limpid waterfall located in Foroglio; nearby, a swing is waiting for you to experience the moment from a different perspective.

2. Piumogna waterfall, Leventina Valley

The Leventina Valley has a thousand colours, one of which is the turquoise of the Piumogna waterfall, and there is an alternative way to get there: yoga.

3. Botto waterfall, Mara Valley

In Rovio, surrounded by the sunny Mara Valley, there is an unexpected coolness, the Botto waterfall. Nearby, you can fully experience the region by visiting the bees.

4. Santa Petronilla waterfall, Biasca

Just a stone's throw from Biasca's railway station is the Santa Petronilla waterfall, a great place to take a dive! Not to be missed: an unusual Romanesque-style church located in the village.

5. Salto waterfall, Maggia Valley

After a short walk, the Vallemaggia leads to the Salto waterfall. The Maggia River flows from the falls into Lake Maggiore: where transparency meets good humour.

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