5 child-friendly trails

Family hikes are the most fun. Information panels, games, animals are some of the attractions that can be found along these trails that are also suitable for children. Learning has never been so much fun. So the question is: learning or fun? Both! Here’s selection of child-friendly educational and sensory trails. 

1. Discovering Alpe Piora

Along the trail that starts from the dam, runs along Lake Ritom and arrives at the Cadagno Hut, it is possible to admire the fauna, flora and various geological and biochemical features. For the most curious, Alpe Piora has a surprise awaiting them. 

2. A hidden treasure

Approximately 1 km of the educational trail along the  Gola del Piottino with information panels and fun activities. 4 learning stations to explore and discover the historic transit route.

3. Between mountains and lake

About 40 thematic panels to narrate the territorial changes that have taken place. Explore history, geography and science through the educational trail - Mountains and lake in the Gambarogno. 

4. Across the universe

The planetary system on a scale of 1:10 billion. A trail that from the east forecourt of the Stone Flower of the Mount Generoso continues flat along the Swiss-Italian border. 9 planets to be discovered thanks to educational panels illustrating their characteristics.

5. Once upon a time

8 stops on a route with several trails to discover legends to tell. Fountains, towers, frescoes and much more through the woods and villages of Capriasca. A pleasant and entertaining hike. 

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