Frequently Asked Questions

The answers to your questions

How will my personal data be preserved and what use will be made of it? 

The data collected by partners and tourist attractions when issuing the Ticino Ticket will be used for statistical purposes only and remain anonymous.  By indicating your e-mail adress, you agree to receive tourist information by Ticino Turismo.

Personal Data collected for the following purposes and using the following services: ticino.ch/privacy

In addition to the public transport, does the Ticino Ticket also include discounts on other touristic attractions such as cable cars or funiculars?

In addition to the regular public transportation system of the Community Arcobaleno (which includes trains, busses and postal busses), several cable car/funicular companies and other tourist attractions offer a discount to the Ticino Ticket holders.

In case someone is not entitled to receive it, can he/she buy it?

The Ticino Ticket cannot be purchased. The only way to obtain it is to stay in either a hotel a youth hostel or in a camping site of the region.

Who is eligible to receive it for free?

The offer is meant for guests who stay at least one overnight in a hotel, hostel or campsite. The ticket is valid until midnight of the check-out day.

Attention: only guests who are subject to the full tourist tax (daily charge) are entitled to the Ticino ticket. Guests who pay a flat-rate tax, such as holders of seasonal pitches or guests who stay for a long time in a camping cannot receive the ticket. Therefore, it doesn’t matter how often or how long you stay in Ticino, but the type of the paid tax.

Can I use the Ticino Ticket to leave the Canton, for example to reach Italy?

No. The Ticino Ticket is valid within the area embraced in the Arcobaleno Community only.

Does the Ticino Ticket include boat trip on the swiss shipping companies (Lake Lugano and Lake Maggiore)?

At present, the Ticino Ticket only includes the Lake Lugano Navigation Company (SNL).

How can I use my Ticino Ticket within the area of the Arcobaleno Community?

At this LINK you will be directed to the landing page with the information on the Arcobaleno Passes & tickets as well as the description of the areas of validity.

On the day of my arrival, am I entitled to get the discounts while transferring to my hotel? Or if I arrive at the hotel in the morning can I already benefit from the Ticino Ticket in the afternoon?

The Ticino Ticket is issued upon arrival at the check in. After you have checked-in you are free to use it immediately.

I have 2 children aged 8 and 14. Will they also receive the Ticino Ticket?

Yes, they will both receive a Ticino Ticket if they stay in one of the 3 structures included in the project (hotels, youth hostel or campings).

I like hockey and I benefit from a combo deal when I go to see a game (match ticket + travel by train). Can I use the Ticino Ticket for these special trains?

No. For trains and bus rides reserved for special events you will need the corresponding special ticket. The Ticino Ticket is not accepted for such occasions.

The Ticino Ticket is issued for 2nd class. Can I have a seat in 1st class anyway?

Yes, you can travel 1st class with a Ticino Ticket if you own a change class ticket.

Can I request a refund if I use the Ticino Ticket only once or even not at all?

No, the Ticino Ticket is not refundable.

We are a group of 12 people and would like to visit one of Ticino’s valleys. What do we need to do? / Is the Ticino Ticket also valid for groups?

Groups of more than 10 persons are required to book their trip with the relevant transport companies at least two working days in advance. The companies are not obliged to accept bookings. Classes and groups of young people (e.g. scouts) must be accompanied by a responsible supervisor (aged 16 years or over). Bookings do not guarantee a seat for the journey. The Ticino Ticket guarantees carriage only, not seating. If all seats are filled but the carrier still has permitted capacity for standing passengers, the group may still travel together. If the carrier has reached its maximum permitted capacity, passengers will be refused permission to board and will be required to wait for the next departure. Dogs accompanying first-class passengers travelling in a group travel at half the second-class fare.

I have a wonderful labrador that keeps me company during my vacation in Switzerland. Do I need to pay for him to travel together by bus or by train?

No, all dogs can travel for free as long as the escorting person owns a Ticino Ticket.

I am a tourist staying in Ticino for holidays and I forgot my Ticino Ticket at the hotel. Despite this, can I still travel by bus and by train and simply communicate the name of my hotel?

You cannot travel without a valid transport document. You'll have to go back to your hotel and get your Ticino Ticket. Otherwise you need to buy a regular ticket which is not refundable .

I have a bicycle that I use in Ticino to travel through your beautiful valleys. Is it true that I can carry my bicycle by public transport since I have a Ticino Ticket?

The transport of bycicles is not included in the Ticino Ticket offers. Please, inform yourself about conditions, additional costs and limitations defined by transport companies.

Where can I find the terms and conditions of the Ticino Ticket?

Here obtainable: terms and conditions (available only in Italian)

Can I combine the Ticino Ticket with the Direct Service? 

No, it is not possible to use the Ticino Ticket for the Direct Service.