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MoAn Ristorante

The MoAn restaurant, located in the heart of Bellinzona, intends to welcome its esteemed guests to a charming location near the old town, at the foot of the magical Castelgrande.

Monica and Andrea intend to mould their boundless passion for food and wine into a combination of tradition and innovation. The maitre Michele Ceresa and the chef Salvatore Sanfilippo, with their innate professionalism, courtesy and creativity, will welcome you and make yourself comfortable right from the beginning.

Quality, innovative cuisine with the right combinations

Thanks to an exhaustive and meticulous search for the best local products, we will accompany you on a tasting journey marked by the appreciation of the excellent local products, sometimes combined with international raw materials.

Wine shop

Next to our restaurant, you will find the wine shop, also a wine bar, a place where you can have a good aperitif while tasting excellent wines and beers. Our sommelier Giuseppe, always attentive to the tastes and needs of customers, will be the soul of the place, with his advice and stories about the wineries we represent. You can buy all the wines displayed on the shelves, the result of a selection of sought-after producers who passionately press the grapes from their vineyards and bottle emotions. A cosy place where you can organise evenings with friends or rent the room for meetings or private parties. A reference point where getting a hands-on approach to wine will be a pleasure, with our didactic wine-tasting and food-pairing courses.

Opening hours:

  • Tuesday-Friday: 5 p.m. onwards
  • Saturday: 10 a.m. / 1 p.m. and from 5 p.m. onwards
  • Sunday and Monday: closed



Maestro Martino's Medieval Menu

Secondo servizio di cucina (fish)

Carpionar trutte al modo di carpione
(Trota arrostita marinata all’aceto)

Piatto di credenza (dessert)
Torta bianca
(Pasta frolla alla ricotta)


  • TYPE OF VENUE Restaurant
  • TYPE OF CUISINE International , Ticinese
  • LOCATION Central