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Grotto Eguaglianza

The Grotto Eguaglianza is a well-known restaurant with a long history. Run by two renowned sisters over forty years ago, it is still there, fresh under new management. 

It passed into the hands of Mr. Hatz six years ago, and a few months ago the new owners were the Vassalli family (Andrea and Verena), already known for their management of the Ristorante Caffè Sociale in Riva San Vitale.

The philosophy of the restaurant's cuisine is based on the principle of dishes prepared entirely by their own chefs with a great deal of dedication. They especially favour local ingredients from Ticino to prepare dishes such as Bruzzella polenta and perch directly from Lake Lugano.

The Grotto is located at the foot of Monte Generoso in the old centre of Capolago, in what was once the area of the Cantine (wine cellars). The restaurant also has a beautiful, sunny terrace where you can enjoy and experience the region at 360°.


  • TYPE OF VENUE Grotto , Restaurant
  • TYPE OF CUISINE Italian , Ticinese
  • LOCATION A few minutes from the lake and river , Close to the railway station
  • VENUES Private parking , Balcony