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Grotto-Distilleria Ronco Bianchi

Ronco Bianchi is the name of a historic vineyard and farm house, already marked on topographical maps of the city of Lugano dating back to the nineteenth century. The old Bianchi farmhouse, located in the grounds of the Continental Parkhotel, was carefully restored between 1997 and 2003 and includes a cellar for its wine production, a vineyard of Merlot grapes, a distillery, a Grotto, a meeting room and the “Alfredo Bellwald” agricultural museum.

The Ronco Bianchi Grotto-Distillery serves traditional local dishes, such as our Ticino cured meats, corn polenta stone ground at the Bruzella mill, braised beed and beef stewed in Merlot, a selection of alpine cheeses from Ticino and a fine homemade bread cake with raisins marinated in our in-house grappa. To further delight your palate, these dishes are accompanied by carefully selected Ticino wines, Grappa and walnut liqueur “Nocino”made by us.


  • TYPE OF CUISINE Ticinese