Image 0 - Tour of the Blenio Valley by e-Bike
Image 1 - Tour of the Blenio Valley by e-Bike
Image 2 - Tour of the Blenio Valley by e-Bike
Image 3 - Tour of the Blenio Valley by e-Bike
Image 4 - Tour of the Blenio Valley by e-Bike

Tour of the Blenio Valley by e-Bike

This route runs through the sunny Blenio Valley to the Lukmanier pass, one of the most beautiful passes in Switzerland, with its noteworthy geology, culture and history, encountering numerous remains testifying to the valley's past.

The itinerary starts in Biasca, at the centre of the Blenio, Leventina and Riviera valleys, with its beautiful view over the imposing Santa Petronilla waterfall and the solid walls of rock that surround the village. It crosses through the area between Biasca and Malvaglia that was affected by the landslide in the 16th century, before climbing up towards the Blenio Valley through an agricultural landscape with a longstanding tradition, which is of great naturalistic, historical and cultural interest. Everything in this valley reflects the authenticity of a land attached to its past. Having travelled through the villages of Malvaglia, Semione (where the ancient ruins of Serravalle Castle are still to be seen) and Ludiano with its typical grottos, continue towards the Motto countryside. From there, climb up towards the slope leading to Casserio, home to the Roberto Donetta photographic archive and the village of Leontica with its stunning Romanesque church of San Carlo di Negrentino, decorated with magnificent frescoes. 

The tour continues its ascent until coming to Cancorì, situated in the sunny Nara amphitheatre that boasts a panorama over the majestic peaks and a myriad of potential excursions on foot. This marks the start of the descent down the hairpin bends of the mountain road to Marolta, before climbing back up towards Olivone where you can see the ancient bourgeois homes of the emigrants from Blenio, stop to buy some local dairy produce, or visit the “Cà da Rivöi” museum of the local agricultural civilisation. The last stage of the route continues through the unparalleled Alpine landscape that leads to the Lucomagno region, all the way to the border with the Canton of Graubünden, where you can continue towards the Surselva region, taking advantage of another network of e-bike recharging stations in this area (further information at www.regiun-surselva.ch).

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The itinerary is based on the cycle routes proposed by SwitzerlandMobility, with a number of variants leading to e-bike recharging stations along the way:

Recharging an e-bike is free of charge, faster than a normal recharge and there is no need to have your own charger.
Take a printed copy of our web map with you during your tour just to be on the safe side.

Alternative routes

The routes can be travelled in both directions.
When travelling from the Lukmanier pass through the Surselva (Graubünden) region, you can return to Canton Ticino via the St Gotthard pass. The Surselva region is home to a regional e-bike recharging network, with specific stations (www.regiun-surselva.ch).

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