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Ceneri Bike

A round trip of medium difficulty accessible almost all the year round that offers a view of Magadino Plain all the way to Lake Maggiore. This route is really interesting, both from a natural and an historical perspective, particularly due to the descriptions on the themed boards along the path of the Via del Ceneri.

From Cadenazzo railway station you’ll pass along the easy, paved streets, which are not overly uneven, using the Pedemontano no. 311 cycle route as far as Sant’Antonino. From there, the route starts to climb sharply, initially still on a tarmacked road, towards the Paiardi and subsequently towards Monti dei Bassi, reachable via an easy forest road that passes through a beautiful chestnut forest and an arboretum.

From Monti dei Bassi, a short but fun single trail leads bikers to a piece of tarmacked road that in a little over one kilometre takes them to the start of a second section of single trail. In this area, you’ll find some exposed sections that oblige cyclists to carry their mountain bike: you therefore need to take great care.

After around 1.5 km, the terrain becomes easier and, alternating between tarmac and single trails, you arrive at the hamlet of Robasacco. This is the start of a magnificent route, a mix of single trails and dirt roads, which passes through the Pontiva chestnut forest and leads to the military square of Monte Ceneri. When you pass through the chestnut forest, you are immersed in history, nature and short but steep ramps, which will even raise the heartrate of the fittest of bikers.

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For mountain biking, follow the logo indicated on the red signposts:
Ceneri Bike - 393

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