Story: Magical flight

Paragliding to discover Ticino from above

Ticino mountains become the starting point for unique experiences.

Monte Tamaro, Monte Lema, Cardada Cimetta. These are just some of Ticino’s peaks from which Federico Soldati operates tandem paraglider flights. A safe yet adrenalin-fuelled activity that delivers strong emotions and, above all, promises breathtaking views of Ticino from above as you’ve probably never seen it before.


Federico Soldati, founder of FlyTicino

Federico Soldati,  founder of FlyTicino
A tandem paragliding flight is like being seated in a flying armchair. You can admire the landscape in comfort from above.

Forget traditional guided tours for a moment, change perspective and imagine discovering an area from above. Beneath you unfurls a landscape populated by mountains, lakes and hills. No, it’s not a magic show. It’s pure magic thanks to a flight in a paraglider.

Federico Soldati, born in 1988, knows this all too well, having fallen in love with this sport as a child. His strong desire to share the emotions generated by flying with family and friends led him to specialise in tandem flights and then to found FlyTicino in 2016, together with his friend Stefano Genazzini. In the space of just a few years, this project went from being a purely recreational one to a real business.

When he’s not flying, Federico devotes himself to his family and his main job as a professional magician. An unusual combination of interests that go very well together, so Federico assures us. 


Monte Lema

It was probably fate. Federico’s grandmother lived in Interlaken, near a paraglider landing strip. He used to spend whole afternoons watching those tiny dots hanging in the air. Even as a child, he dreamt of becoming a paraglider pilot. His first flight as a passenger was from Monte Tamaro at the age of 14. Then, as soon as he was able, he started the process of firstly becoming an independent pilot and then a tandem pilot. He trained in Ticino and got his licence in Interlaken.

What’s Federico and Stefano’s formula for success? A service that prioritises passenger safety and wellbeing, always striving for excellence. Depending on the time of year, flights take place from numerous peaks in Ticino: Monte Generoso, Cardada Cimetta, Monte Lema, Mornera and, above all, Monte Tamaro. All in all, a tandem flight takes about two hours from meeting to landing. It’s very simple: you meet, head up to the top of the mountain and then, when everything is ready, the action starts. The passenger just has to run for a few metres to take off and then …

Monte Lema
Monte Lema

... it’s time to relax and enjoy the landscapes from above. A number of photos are taken and a video is recorded during the flight.

Monte Lema
The best thing is that each flight is different.
Monte Lema

There are no age limits for tandem flights. Federico’s youngest passenger was a 4-year-old girl, the oldest was 90. Even people with disabilities can fly (with the help of some take-off assistants).

What if someone is scared? In most cases the fear disappears as soon as they take off. Passengers are calmed by explaining that it’s a very safe activity. The important thing is to fly in the right weather conditions, with suitable equipment and the necessary experience.

Monte Lema

The added value of a flight in the skies above Ticino? Undoubtedly the beauty of the landscape with its combination of mountains and Mediterranean scenery. In addition, the special weather conditions in Ticino generate excellent updrafts – so-called thermals – that allow for long, evocative flights. 

Monte Lema

FlyTicino primarily operates in the summer, but as Federico tells us, one of the most beautiful times for flying is the spring. In autumn and winter, a “Hike & Fly” flight can be booked on request. You ascend a peak on foot or with snowshoes, have a picnic with friends and then launch into a two-seater flight with the luxury of landing directly in front of your car. 

Monte Lema
Pro tip
The favourable weather conditions in Ticino generate excellent currents, so you can fly all year round. In winter, it is possible to organise a flight by ascending a peak on foot or with snowshoes.
Flights, depending on the time of year, are made from numerous Ticino peaks: Monte Generoso, Cardada Cimetta, Monte Lema, Mornera and, above all, from Monte Tamaro.
There are various tandem flight providers in Ticino. Pilots need to be certified by the Swiss Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association.

“The tandem pilot flies for the passenger and does everything to make it a unique and amazing experience."