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An unconditional quest for quality

Chef Cristian Moreschi serves up memorable flavours at the Ristorante Principe Leopoldo on Lugano’s most captivating hill.

Having grown up in Malonno, Italy, this young dreamer began his kitchen experience at the age of just 8, helping his mother in the family’s tavern. His passion developed thanks to a family that always had hospitality at heart. After achieving a hotel diploma, he became Executive Chef at the Ristorante Principe Leopoldo in Collina d’Oro.


Cristian Moreschi, Executive Chef at the Ristorante Principe Leopoldo

Cristian Moreschi, Executive Chef at the Ristorante Principe Leopoldo
Rhythm and concentration help us keep clear heads and ensure the quality of every dish.

16 Gault&Millau points and an impressive view from the high, green hill overlooking beautiful Lugano. The unstoppable passion of a young chef who took over the kitchen at the Ristorante Principe Leopoldo from one of Ticino’s most renowned cooks: Dario Ranza.

His local research and knowledge of raw ingredients are an integral part of Cristian Moreschi’s repertoire of recipes. A traditionalist in a modern key, who draws inspiration from the aromas and essences of local products.

Chef Cristian Moreschi, Ristorante Principe Leopoldo

Once upon a time there was the Osteria del Bersagliere, a place steeped in delicious smells and interesting features. This tavern, initially run by his grandmother, became a family business over the years. It was here that the young chef took his first steps in the kitchen at the tender age of 8.

“My relationship with my mother certainly inspired my vocation: we cooked together since I was a child.”

Piatto dello Chef Moreschi

After a diploma, early experience and the teachings of one of Ticino’s most acclaimed chefs, Cristian Moreschi took over the restaurant and has carried it forward with passion, the desire to discover new flavours and plenty of determination.

“It’s very stimulating working with the team and it’s actually a great responsibility. Rhythm and concentration help us keep clear heads and ensure the quality of every dish.”

The unconditional quest for quality is what makes my cuisine stand out.

What’s always present in the kitchen?
Seasonal products, which are very important both as regards the local area and the environment. After lots of careful research, Cristian makes all the purchases himself, selecting the right products, the colours and the fragrances to transform his dishes into artworks, like the fillet of Ticino veal in a bread crust with chanterelles.

Ristorante Principe Leopoldo, Lugano
Vitello ticinese in crosta di pane e gallinacci, Chef Moreschi

Trends and novelties are the chef’s bread and butter, as he loves to taste emerging cuisines, venturing into new flavours as part of his constant quest for innovation.

Piatto dello Chef Moreschi

“I often take classic recipes from the past and reinterpret them in a modern key.” 

Ristorante Principe Leopoldo, Lugano
Pro tip
The museum that celebrates Hermann Hesse, winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature, stands in a picturesque corner of Montagnola. The poet lived here for 43 years.
The hotel and restaurant we know today were once the home of Prince Friedrich Leopold of Prussia, who reigned in the late 19th and early 20th century.
A Mediterranean lifestyle is possible in Lugano. Easily accessible by public transport, a city packed with culture, good food and lively squares awaits you.