Shooting down a red piste, admiring a white landscape

  • 6 February - 8.30
  • 1'500 m
  • Energic

Campra, at 1’500 m a.s.l., on the slopes of the Lukmanier, offers more than 30 km of cross-country skiing pistes and trails for winter walks, sometimes Siberian temperatures and endless emotions on the snow.

Clean air, snow-covered trees and open spaces. You’ve just arrived in Campra, it’s early morning, the sun is rising slowly and you let your gaze wander over the Nordic landscape around you.  

You attach one foot, then the other, checking the grip of the skis. It’s your first skiing trip of the year and you can’t wait to get started. Leaving the Campra Alpine Lodge & Spa behind, you head towards the trails. Red or blue piste? The first is longer, at 15 km, and very varied, while the second is 6 km long and for beginners. You’re full of energy. Let’s go for red!

Gliding forward, one push after another, you admire the adjacent snow-covered slopes and enjoy the silence of the age-old woods. The pine needles and the icicles that form on the gutters of the houses dotted along the trail fascinate you. You feel at peace with the world.

Campra, Valle di Blenio

On the cross-country skiing pistes of Campra, Blenio Valley

Campra, Valle di Blenio

Campra's pistes offer both level and up and downhill sections

Campra, Valle di Blenio

Nordic landscapes and Siberian temperatures in Campra

Campra, Valle di Blenio

The River Brenno flows near the pistes of Campra

Campra, Valle di Blenio

Snow-covered slopes and age-old woods in Campra, Blenio Valley

Campra, Valle di Blenio

Campra offers kilometres of cross-country skiing pistes and trails for winter walks

Campra, Valle di Blenio

Campra Alpine Lodge & Spa, Blenio Valley

The piste is challenging and puts you to the test: just what you needed. You find yourself skirting the River Brenno that flows through the Lukmanier area near the pistes. It’s time for a quick break. You take a couple of photos of the scenic landscape, send a selfie to your friends and have a sip of water. Time to go again!

The shivers of excitement triggered by the descents make up for the effort of the climbs and fortunately there’s also a level section! Time flies without you noticing and your legs start to feel heavy. However, as the first signs of tiredness hit, you feel pervaded by a sensation of wellbeing thanks to the physical activity outdoors and the satisfaction of completing your route.

As you return to the Nordic Ski Centre, you stop for a moment to watch the children playing on the ice rink and the welcoming lodge catches your eye. A hot chocolate (to take away) would be the perfect way to end your adventure on the snow.

Tauf Khamitov, - athlete, coach and KVplus founder
Tauf Khamitov,athlete, coach and KVplus founder
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The sun emerges from behind the snow-covered mountains


Age-old woods, cotton wool snow and peace and quiet


Time for a photo!


Exertion and fun on the ascents and descents


A hot drink for the perfect finish



The snow makes the landscape look magical, but it’s always essential to take precautions. Before heading out into the mountains, make sure you check the weather forecast and don’t expose yourself to pointless risks.