Climbing in Ticino

An upward adventure

Ticino is a real paradise for climbing enthusiasts, with numerous well-equipped cliffs and a particularly favourable climate for those who want to challenge themselves on granite, gneiss or dolomite rock walls. 
This exciting activity, which began after the First World War on the limestone walls of the Denti della Vecchia, has recently experienced a huge surge in popularity. Why don’t you try it too?



Granite and gneiss climbing locations


The world’s highest artificial climbing wall

160 m Luzzone Dam

Climbing rock and concrete giants

Whether attempting natural rock walls or the walls of a dam, the breathtaking height will make your heart beat harder and give you a real adrenalin rush. What an adventure!

A canton with a thousand walls and endless emotions

Why go climbing? Because of the spectacular landscapes and surroundings and the challenge, putting your limits to the test and making your climb an unforgettable experience.

A demanding alpine path, the first of the Sottoceneri, suitable only for the most expert and fearless hikers. A walk with some rock climbing required and, above all, a truly stunning view!


Born by chance, this discipline does not involve the use of safety ropes, the only protection in case of a fall is represented by spotters (friends that direct the climber's body and protect it) and bouldering mats (crash pads) placed on the ground under the route. Although climbing and bouldering are two different activities, those who practice them have in common the need for contact with nature and the desire to discover the most mysterious corners of our territory.

Guaranteed fun all year round

You can go climbing and bouldering at any time of year! Even during bad weather, you can still train and have fun at the local gyms. Sports facilities are also an excellent starting point for those taking their first steps in this activity. 

Learn from the best

Guided tours, climbing courses and lessons, experience and professionalism. Ticino’s climbing and bouldering experts offer all this and more. 

Still want to test your limits?