Image 0 - Climbing the Denti della Vecchia
Image 1 - Climbing the Denti della Vecchia
Image 2 - Climbing the Denti della Vecchia

Climbing the Denti della Vecchia

The Denti della Vecchia, a characteristic mountain overlooking the Val Colla and the Luganese, is a historic place of climbing in Ticino. On its limestone walls this activity has in fact experienced a great development. 

Founded in the 1930s, it was used as a training gym by famous alpinists such as Emilio Comici and Ricardo Cassin. The local Gruppo Scoiattoli (Squirrels Group) has created and documented most of the Denti della Vecchia routes.

Today, the small Ticino Dolomites are divided into 31 sport climbing sectors with almost 300 different routes. The difficulties vary from 3a to 8a (French evaluation).

The Denti della Vecchia are formed by an ancient geological coat: that of the Triassic period, composed of dolomite. Between the Denti and the Pairolo Hut there are conglomerates of verrucans dating back to an even more remote period. In the valley floor of Val Colla there are rocks covered with gravel, sand and clay that were originally ancient moraines of the Ice Age.


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