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Evolution - Centro di Arrampicata

Ticino's first indoor sport climbing centre and one of the biggest in Switzerland.

Evolution has set itself the goal of becoming a benchmark for mountain-based sports activities and sharing its enthusiasm for sport climbing with others. Anybody can take part in and enjoy this activity and of course there is plenty of room for the sport to grow further in our region which has such a well-established mountain sports tradition.

The centre has a climbable area of approximately 1400 m² with around 100 routes and 50 boulder passages. With a maximum wall height of 12 m and routes between 15 and 20 metres long, the centre currently has over 6'500 holds.

Aficionados, neophytes, families, adults, children, schools, companies, institutions, associations, sports clubs and mountain rescue organisations can benefit from a spacious, well-illuminated climbing centre providing a top-quality professional service.

The centre is run by a team boasting many years experience and skills honed in sport climbing and alpine climbing. Team members are glad to share their passion, knowledge and especially the techniques required to for you to safely enjoy and make steady progress in this wonderful sport.  

The centre has a cafeteria and a relaxation and reading area with comfy chairs. There is wifi throughout.


  • VENUES Climbing , Eco-friendly