Climbing in Brontallo


Since 2008 Brontallo has been open to the vertical world. The wonderful wall of "El CAT" immediately above the village offers great possibilities for athletic, technical and strength-focussed climbing on good, well-worn gneiss.

The routes are well equipped with stainless steel bolts and the stops are fitted with rings.


At the moment, the wall has around a dozen medium-high difficulty routes. However, the potential of this part and of the adjacent sectors has not yet been fully exploited. There are several projects in progress.

As it is exposed to the south south-west, the wall is suitable for climbing in winter, spring and autumn. In winter, the wall is bathed in sunlight from 10 am to 3:30 pm. Climbing is not recommended during the hotter months.


To reach the wall of "El CAT" from the town car park, take the path that leads to Margoneggia until you come across a stone cairn. After that, follow the signs that lead to the ledge of climb. The base of the wall is easily reached with some fixed ropes. It takes around 20 minutes to get from the car park in the town to the start of the routes.


Warning! The practice of sport climbing involves risks. The people who open the routes and the institutions that commissioned them shall take no responsibility in the event of accidents.
It is recommended to wear a helmet because sometimes goats walk above the wall.


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