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Babel Festival

Thursday 14 September to Sunday 17 September 2023 

After the edition dedicated to the relationship between the arts, Babel pushes on towards solitary lands, remote or under the coast, formed by erosion or arising from volcanoes, real, linguistic, metaphorical: 2023 is the year of Babel Islands.

In the ocean of literature and history, islands have always emerged as both physical and mental territories: paradises in which to take refuge or hells from which one only seeks to flee, places of preservation and hybridisation, ideal for raising utopias or inviolable prisons, outposts to be conquered, dots of resistance that do not allow themselves to be submerged, sometimes untraceable like Moby Dick's Rokovoko "which is not indicated on any map" because "real places never are". But islands are everywhere: islands of joy and torment, of escape and confinement. And if the poet and cleric John Donne reminded us that 'no man is an island' it is because each of us tends to become one.

Babel invites writers from islands, or who through the magmatic force or slow accumulation of their stories have created whole archipelagos never before seen. And with them those who stubbornly and at all times ferry their words to the ports of our language.

Thursday 14 | artBabel and cineBabel
artBabel | Spazio 5b | Bellinzona

Friday 15 | Open Air
Antico Convento delle Agostiniane | Monte Carasso

Saturday 16 | Literary Meetings
Teatro Sociale | Bellinzona

Sunday 17 | Literary Meetings
Teatro Sociale | Bellinzona



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