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Attasit Pokpong. The Presence

The exhibition 'Attasit Pokpong. The Presence" presents 29 large-scale oil paintings and 22 watercolours, depicting women's faces created by Attasit Pokpong between 2008 and 2023.

MUSEC's choice to exhibit his women's faces is an important recognition of the Thai artist's achievement in his research process. In fact, after a first period dedicated to the natural landscapes of Thailand and the urban landscapes of Bangkok, the woman has become the undisputed protagonist of his work, elevated to an absolute symbol of emotion and consequently a communicative form par excellence. With women's faces, Pokpong developed an entirely personal style, also becoming the forerunner of a new way of proposing female portraits, now followed by other contemporary Thai artists.

The author

Attasit Pokpong is one of the leading exponents of Thai contemporary art. Born on 16 October 1977 in Bangkok, he started his career immediately after graduating in Fine Arts in Bangkok in 1998. In the space of ten years, he has acquired great notoriety and visibility, moving from group exhibitions in his own country to international solo exhibitions held, since 2009, in countries such as China, Korea, Taiwan, Belgium, France, Italy, the United States and – for the first time with the exhibition presented at MUSEC – Switzerland.



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