Image 0 - Veal in tuna sauce - The recipe

Veal in tuna sauce - The recipe

Wrap a piece of veal loin in a piece of white cloth and cook it in a very good broth with any kind of vegetable: an onion, some cloves, celery, carrots, leeks, lemon verbena, thyme or marjoran, pepper grains, powdered cinnamon and salt, for an hour and three-quarters. Then let it cool in the broth (keep some for later) and cut it into very fine slices and cover it with the following sauce: take a piece of tuna, and 2-3 well-washed anchovies, chop it all together very finely & pass it through a sieve. Add oil, little by little and lemon & beat. Dilute to the desired consistency with some strained broth and pour over the veal adding capers on top at the end.

A decidedly summer dish.