Image 0 - Val Marcri Forest Reserve

Val Marcri Forest Reserve

This forest reserve is the largest in Ticino. It covers a vast mountainous area between the Ambra Valley, the Marcri Valley and the Nedro Valley. These are so-called suspended valleys, that is to say side valleys that are joined to the Leventina valley bottom, albeit raised above it. Here beech trees dominate lower down, while the silver fir, Norway spruce and larch take over higher up. In some areas, the last felling work was carried out up to a century ago.

In summary: 

  • Area: 1,137 hectares
  • Altitude: 900-2,717 m a.s.l.
  • Main trees: beech, silver fir, spruce, green alder
  • Year of establishment: 2012
  • Owners: Patriziati di Personico, Bodio and Pollegio.


  • Period: from May to September, except areas in the Alpine area.
  • Mountain equipment is required.



  • VENUES Eco-friendly
  • PARKS AND GARDENS Natural parks