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Terre d'autunno


Our company opens a new chapter in the Ticino wine world. The work we do with commitment and dedication consists primarily in refining our wines in our own production barrels. The ultimate goal is to offer the consumer a high added value product, in which one can savor and discover the local characteristics of a wine matured in wood grown a few kilometers away. This aspect is particularly significant for those who believe that a wine is not simply a consumer good, but rather a product that speaks directly to people's hearts, through their own roots and identity. Drinking our wine therefore means, first of all, being directly part of our territory.


The barrel

The beating heart of our company is represented by the production of barrels for refining our wines. The barriques are produced starting directly from carefully selected local oak trees. The processing of the tree, strictly "split", requires skill and intuition and allows to obtain the staves, the raw material for the construction of the barrels. After a period of seasoning in the open air over 30 months, the wood is ready for the construction of the barrels. We generally opt for the creation of 300-liter "bourgogne" drums.


The wines

In our wines we look for the typicality of the individual vineyards. The vinification takes place separately for each individual plot. Afterwards, we carefully evaluate the results obtained and try to best accompany the wine in its refinement phase. Breeding in barriques is an essential point for us and must be dosed in the best way with the presence of first, second and third passage barrels depending on the wines to be obtained.

The Cellar
Our winery is located in the Bellinzona region and more precisely in the municipality of Lumino. It produces and sells exclusively wines aged in our Ticino oak barrels. This gives our products a unique imprint, the maximum expression of our "terroir Ticino". In addition to our own production, we also collaborate with other local wineries, which proudly lend themselves to making small quantities of their wines in our barrels.

The tastings
It is possible to organize a visit to the cellar with tasting in a beautiful room with a window on the cellar where the barriques are kept. With the tasting, on request, the accompaniment of the wines with local gastronomic products or gourmet menu is organized.


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