Image 0 - Risotto del nostro orto - The recipe
Image 1 - Risotto del nostro orto - The recipe
Image 2 - Risotto del nostro orto - The recipe

Risotto del nostro orto - The recipe



  1. Cut the final end of asparagus and peel ¾, then cut pieces of approx. 1 cm and do not cut the asparagus tips;
  2. Cook the asparagus pieces and tips in salted water;
  3. Steam the shallots in olive oil;
  4. Add the washed Loto risotto and fry it for a moment;
  5. Add the white Merlot wine and reduce slightly;
  6. Step by step add the asparagus fond/vegetable bouillon, stir constantly cook for approx. 12-15 minutes and add salt and pepper;
  7. When the risotto is al dente remove it from the heat, add asparagus, butter, mascarpone and grated parmesan;
  8. Let it rest for 2-3 minutes, if necessary add spices. To conclude add the peel and juice of Yuzu lemon;
  9. This is a very important step, so it maintains its consistency and has to be al dente!
  10. Serve the risotto in hot plates and garnish with the asparagus tips and spring herbs.



Parmesan chips as garnishing.


A recipe by Mattias Roock, chef at Locanda Barbarossa restaurant at Castello del Sole Hotel in Ascona.


Foto © Copyright Castello del Sole


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